Main Flight Components

All components of the Whirly Bird Simulator are constructed of the highest quality. The cyclic, collective, anti torque pedal controls and fully functional GPS Unit are all constructed out of heavy gauge metal enclosures; and all come with an industrial finish.
  • Includes the Schweizer 300 CBi helicopter, Robinson R-22 helicopter, Robinson R-44helicopter, and Bell 206 Jet Ranger
  • Computer generated air traffic control voice recognition interactive training package 
  • Accommodates VFR flight, IFR flight, start up/shut down procedural training and 
  • Emergency procedural training
  • Bell 206 Cyclic Control (Robinson T Bar Also Available)
  • Bell 206 Collective Control with twist grip throttle
  • Anti-Torque Pedals
  • Garmin 530 WAAS unit with Terrain Alert 
  • LED Radio Stack (COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2, Transponder and Audio Panel)
  • Switch panels for both Piston and Turbine helicopters
  • Audible Marker and Morse Code Identifiers    
  • 37” HDTV main flight screen
  • Two side view monitors
  • Turbine and Piston Powered Main Instrument Panels 
  • Instructor station monitor with table and chair   
  • High quality sound system, speakers/subwoofer 
  • Comfortable leather cockpit seat
  • Dual LAN computer network
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse (allows for training without instructor)

 Cyclic Control 
The Cyclic Control comes equipped with an aluminum grip and utilizes rugged and smooth gimbals.  Com/Nav Radio swap buttons, microphone button and working trim button come standard.  The Cyclic is also availabe in the Robinson "T-Bar" configuration if so desired.
Collective Control

The Collective Control gives rotor wing pilots the most accurate flight simulation experience.  It consists of a stainless steel lever with twist grip throttle and a friction knob positioned on the side of the Collective to control lever resistance. The Collective also has a fully funcioning Idle Release button.  All stwitches and components work exactly the same as in the real aircraft.

Instrument Panels
The Whirly Bird Simulator comes complete with two Main Instrument Panels. One panel for turbine helicopter training, and one panel for piston powered helicopter training.  This allows for a greater transfer of learing from the simulator to the actual aircraft.  All gauges and annunciator lights look and function the same as the aircraft being flown.  All switches, buttons and rotory knobs work the same as in the real aircraft.
 Switch Panels
Whirly Bird utilizes aircraft grade switches and circut breakers that allow for full operational use including, start up, inflight, emergency, and shut down procedures.
Turbine Switch Panel 
Garmin 530 WAAS
The fully functional Garmin 530 WASS Simulation Unit with TERRAIN ALERT operates just the same as in an actual aircraft with all buttons and rotory knobs being fully functional.  All features of the GPS unit are tied to the flight simulator and COM/NAV equipment. This unit is a standard feature in our simulator.