Total Immersion Training

37" HD Monitor With Two Side View Monitors Provide Situational Awareness In The Simulator

Quality Simulation - Affordable Pricing -
Safer Pilots

​​Along with its ease of use and quick set up times, total immersion in your training session is the goal of the Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator.  With a 37” inch HDTV main screen, two side view monitors, both turbine and piston instrument panels, Com 1, Com 2, Nav 1, Nav 2 radio stack, WAAS GPS with terrain alert and RNAV, audible morse code and marker beacon identification, fully operational switch, push button, and rotary knob panels, cyclic, Bell 206 collective with twist grip throttle, anti torque pedal controls, high quality sound system, and a voice recognition ATC simulation package, the Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator is in a class by itself.
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Voice Recognition Training Program

The Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator utilizes a voice recognition air traffic control program that allows student pilots the ability to practice talking while they fly in the simulator. During the simulation students talk to computer driven air traffic controllers thru all phases of gound, taxi, take off, in flight, approach, landing, taxi and shut down.  However, the student must use proper phraseology while speaking or they will be asked to repeat what they just said in the proper aviation format.  In addition students also have to listen for instructions being given to other aircraft in the airport environment and be vigilant in watching for other aircraft to avoid runway incursions, as well as traffic in the air.

More Features At A Fraction Of The Cost

The Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator gives you incredibly realistic flight training at a fraction of the cost of other F.A.A. certified helicopter flight simulators on the market today.  No longer do helicopter operators and flight schools have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for high quality flight simulators.  Our revolutionary helicopter simulator has raised the bar on efficiency and performance while greatly reducing costs to the helicopter community, which at the end of the day will produce safer, better prepared pilots.    

Sample Videos

Designed and developed in 2011, the Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator is the top helicopter flight simulator of choice for flight schools, law enforcement agencies, medevac operators, offshore operators, government/military applications, universities, high schools, and even for private home use. It is a state of the art Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for commercial use.

​Here at Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator, we guarantee our work and establish solid relationships with our clients. we are well experienced, skilled, and certified trainers who take value in our work. we are fully committed to providing top quality training services that people can afford.

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