Welcome to Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator

For those who want nothing less than exceptional
helicopter flight simulator training.

The Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator is an F.A.A. certified A.A.T.D. or Advanced Aviation Training Device, that is approved for IFR, VFR, procedural and emergency training. The entire flight simulator including the instructor station comes in it’s own ATA transport case. The simulator is an excellent choice for flight schools, law enforcement agencies, medivac operators, off-shore operators, government/military applications, universities, high schools, and private home use.  No longer does the helicopter community have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for an advanced, high quality, certified flight simulator.
The Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator ensures a positive transfer of learning from simulator to aircraft for pilots  learning to fly, maintaining skills, staying current, or enhancing proficiency. The simulator trains both VFR flight and IFR flight conditions, both day and night in a wide variety of weather conditions controlled by the flight instructor. A standard feature of our A.A.T.D. is the Garmin 530 WAAS GPS unit, and a fully interactive voice activated A.T.C. program, which teaches pilots to use proper phraseology while they fly in the simulator. 
Procedural start up and shut downs, as well as emergency procedure training for both piston and turbine helicopters are also standard features of our A.A.T.D. simulator.

Affordable pricing makes our quality simulation available to more pilots, and quality simulation creates safer pilots.
Safer pilots is the number one goal of Whirly Bird.