Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator​​

​​F.A.A. Certified Advanced Aviation Training Device A.A.T.D.

The only A.A.T.D. helicopter flight simulator
you'll ever need.

Designed and built to deliver the standout helicopter flight simulation experience that feels as close to the real thing as possible, the Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator stands out as the premier choice for flight schools, law enforcement agencies, medevac operators, offshore operators, government/military applications, universities, and high schools who want only the best for their flight training.
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Easily transported and set up

Flight controls and components housed inside ATA transport case/cockpit

Our AATD is the most affordable and efficient helicopter training device

Quality Simulation - Safer Pilots - Affordable Pricing​

The only helicopter flight simulator you'll ever need.​

The Entire Simulator Is Housed Inside a 6' 0" Tall ATA Transport Case Case That is Easily Transported By Use Of Hand Dolly And Makes For Easy Relocation Or Storage When Not In Use 

​7 Monitors, All Flight Controls, Communications/ Navigation Equipment and Radios, GPS Unit, Sound System, Leather Cockpit Chair, Built In Instructor Station With Table And Chair, All Inside One Efficient And Easily Transportable A.T.A.Flight Case
  • F.A.A. Approved A.A.T.D. (Advanced Aviation Training Device)

  • 180 Degree Panoramic Flight Views

  • Provides Incredible VFR / IFR Flight Training At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Helicopter Simulators

  • Simulator Does Not Cause Motion Sickness

  • Does Not Require Sitting In A Darkened Room

  • Requires Little Space
  • Our Advanced Aviation Training Device is a helicopter single engine turbine/piston IFR/VFR trainer that provides highly accurate rotarywing aerodynamic performance

  • Our AATD is the most affordable and sophisticated training device for instrument, commercial, ATP, recurrency and VFR training available on the market today

  • Performs complete start-up, run-up and shut  down procedures.

  • Train for a myriad of malfunctions from instrument and receiver failures to hot starts, hung starts, vortex ring state, loss of tail rotor and tail rotor thrust as well as system failures and much more.

  • Fly in clear to extreme weather, including icing and turbulence.

  • Practice procedures such as hover, hover taxi, autorotations, confined areas, ITO’s, and pinnacle landings to oil rigs & roof tops.

  • Saves money, easy source of revenue and, as a risk management tool, may help lower
    insurance costs!

180 Degree Panaramic Flight View

Left side out the window view

Front Center
HD View

Right side out the window view

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